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About Me


Hello, and welcome to my website! I am an American actor based in London and a recent graduate of LAMDA's MA Classical Acting program. I also sing, dance, write, and direct. When I am not performing or creating I teach LAMDA exams and work 1:1 as an acting coach.


I’ve been a performer to some capacity my entire life, starting early in ballet and eventually finding my way to the theatre. My mother is a former Broadway performer-turned-choreographer, so there was no escaping this life for me; not that I ever wanted to. My roots are in golden age movies and musical theatre, and more recently I have developed a passion for Shakespeare and the classics as well.

In 2018 I received my BFA in acting from the University of Houston where I trained in Suzuki, Viewpoints, Linklater, Fitzmaurice, classical and contemporary theatre, and on-camera acting. Shortly after I worked professionally in the Houston theatre scene as an actor and dialect coach, a skill I was able to develop while in school thanks to mentors Sara Becker and Jim Johnson. During my time in Houston I met so many wonderful artists and friends and had the privilege to begin working professionally before graduating, most notably being cast as Marya in The Government Inspector at Classical Theatre Company. I also collaborated with friends and former classmates on two productions, led by Carmon Alexander, including a seven person Midsummer Night’s Dream and an intimate, contemporary adaptation of Hedda Gabler. These were two of my favorite artistic experiences, and I learned so much about collaborating and self-producing from the ground up.


In 2021, in the midst of Covid-19, I moved to Chicago to take the next step in my career. I also made the decision to pursue a masters degree during this time, applying to a handful of top programs across the US and UK and ultimately decding to go to LAMDA and study classical theatre. LAMDA pushed me in every way to become a better artist, studying Meisner, Chekhov, Linklater, voice and text, political speech, clown, mask, and many other techniques while also working on some of the most challenging plays I've ever come across. I also wrote an incredibly personal 20 minute one woman show for my thesis project, a piece that was well-received by my peers and mentors and something I plan to continue working on in the future. During this year I developed my leadership skills by working as a student rep for my course, communicating with both staff and students to help ensure a conducive work environment.

I graduated from LAMDA in 2023 with merit, and now I am a working actor and creator in London!


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